Know the Types of Bets You Can Do Online

You’ve probably had some sort of betting experience when you were young. This may have involved a simple bet on who reaches point B first. And the only thing that the winner got was bragging rights. But bets for adults have become much more complicated. This is especially true when betting for sports.


How Do People Bet Online

It’s important to understand the different ways to bet. When betting on sites like, you have to know the basic areas for betting. There are many sports that people can bet on. But the way people bet is almost similar across these sports.

  • Totals –The easiest way that people can bet on is whether the team will be able to score below or above a certain score prediction. For example, people can bet whether the total score of both teams in the basketball adds up higher or lower than 200 points. It’s a very simple bet with only two options to choose from.
  • Money Line – It gets quite confusing from here. But one of the most popular ways to bet is through the money line bets. This is a wager on which team is going to win a game. And to get along with this type of betting, you need to understand odds. If the line requires you to bet -5,000 to win 2,000, you have to put 5,000 to place a bet. If your team wins, you get back the 5,000 you staked plus you win the 2,000 prizes.
  • Point Spread – Football and basketball fans are more frequent to join point spread types of betting. And this is one of the trickiest kinds of betting there is. For example, the opening round of a season has Team A with +10.5 while team B has -10.5. To know who wins at the bet, you must add 10.5 points to Team A’s score and compare it to that of Team B. And if your prediction is right, you get to go home with the prize in your hands.
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